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Freedom Reaper:

We offer 1″ mounts, 30MM scope mounts, and 34MM scope mounts.

We have standard 1 piece mounts, Forward 1 piece mounts, Forward 1 piece mounts with 45 degree side rail, and 2 piece mounts. We have mounts with 2 screws per ring, 4 screws per ring, and 6 screws per ring.

We have carry handle mounts for 1″ and 30MM scopes that fit into a carry handle. These mounts have a peep hole thru them so you can see your iron sights.

For the 2 screw per ring mounts the ring is .63″ wide. For the 4 screw per ring mounts the ring is .80″ wide. For the  6 screw per rings the ring is 1.38″ wide. ( 1.38″wide  6 screw ring is for the Beast Reaper mounts only)

34MM rings are .90″ long and have 4 screws per ring.

MOA mounts are tapered down on front for long range shooting. Height will be about .03″ lower on front ring than a standard straight mount.

All ring screws are 6-40 X 5/8″ long. They use a 7/64″ Allen wrench.

Straight heights of Picatinny rail mounts from top of rail to centerline of scope tube – medium 1.00″, high 1.19″, X high 1.38″. Normal height is X High on the Freedom Reaper mounts.


  • Precision machined from a solid block of top-grade billet 6061T6 aluminum
  • Custom made to fit each type of firearm and align perfectly with your rifle’s receiver
  • No moving parts between the firearm and the scope
  • 67% lighter than comparable one-piece mounts with four times the threads and precision socket-head cap screws for absolute strength and security
  • Absorbs shock and withstands temperature extremes better than steel mounts at a fraction of the weight
  • Made in the USA

1 INCH, 30 MM, 34 MM


2 Pc. Picantinny Rail, 3.46″ Long-Picantinny Rail, 3.46″ Long-Picantinny Rail-X, 45 Degree Accessory Rail, Beast Reaper Pic Rail 20MOA, Beast Reaper Picantinny Rail, Carry Handle, Forward 5.66 Picantinny Rail, Forward 5.66 Picantinny Rail-20MOA, Forward 5.66 Picantinny Rail-Black-20MOA, Forward Picantinny Rail, Forward Picantinny Rail -20MOA, Forward Picantinny Rail-With 45DAR, Forward Picantinny Rail-With 45DAR-20MOA, Horton Crossbow, Picantinny Rail, Picantinny Rail Accessory Cap, Picantinny Rail Accessory Ring, Picantinny Rail-20MOA, Ring with Level Added-2 screws per ring, Tactical Ring with Level Added-4 screws per ring


Normal, High, Medium, X – High


Black, Silver

3 reviews for Freedom Reaper

  1. Robert M
    5 out of 5


    Excellent mount, very high quality. Lots of surface area and 12 screws to hold your stuff in place. 4 screws with large hex nuts to attach to the rail. 6 lugs on the bottom to fit in the notches on your picatinny rail. One piece design means rigidity and a true bore. My experience has been that no lapping is required with these. I only wish they made a 34mm Beast Reaper.

  2. Mike
    5 out of 5


    I have a standard A2 upper receiver on my AR. I purchased the “carry handle” edition of the Freedom Reaper. I am really impressed. Nice finish all around…from machine work to coating. Perfect fit all around. My only issue is that the through hole for the iron sights is a little small…another 0.050″ on the ID would round this piece out into the realm of perfection…Well at least as close to perfection as you can get with an A2…

    Thanks for a great product!!

  3. Donald Mcneely
    5 out of 5


    Got the 5.66 freedom reaper in the mail today, absolutely love the mount. Has a lower height then most ar cantilever mounts allows for rock solid cheek weld. Very rugged without all the bulk of 6 screw ring mounts. I will be considering dnz products for the rest of my rifles!!

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