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215 Tactical is a Game Reaper one piece scope mount that is designed for extreme hard core duty. Police, SWAT teams, Sherriff departments, Military, etc., as well as for hard core hunters that need to know they are going to hit their target when they squeeze the trigger shot after shot for years to come. It is available in a straight 0 MOA model for shots out to 500 to 600 yards and a 21.5 MOA model for 500 to 1000 plus yard shots with most calibers.
The 215 mounts are designed with .80” wide rings and each ring has four ring screws. The rings will be scalloped or grooved out on outside centerline to give the mount more holding power and acting more like 4 rings instead of 2. All ring screws will be .62” long and will engage into mount with approximately twenty threads per screw for extreme hard core holding power. All ring and base screws are made from hardened steel. The mounts will also be designed for left and right hand firearms. We have thinned the connecting bar between the rings down to .25” wide and put it on centerline of action so it causes no issues with loading and unloading for both left and right hand firearms. Weight of mounts are 4 to 4.5 ounces. Depends on height and size.

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